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I currently have my Newsmy NU3001, which I think is better than the Appradio. i have an Appradio 2 as well, sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I have used the appradio with a Android stick and an app that allows for touch access to the radio. I have run into issues with it on start up and the fact that my Android stick has no memory for the time/date it always resets.

My newsmy is 4.2.2 and there has to be a point at which the updates slow down a bit. I can see why there is not a huge market for the a full android or apple automotive solution due to the update roll out.

I think a decent Android stick that can get the time date (maybe from the gps in the DUE) would probably work out pretty good. The resolution of your screen might need to change for the appradio. I would be willing to give some of it a try with my appradio set-up. Like I said I have most everything to make it work and I would if the clock could be updated without internet