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Awesome. AutoSense hasn’t been very well tested on devices that don’t have Bluetooth. So if you’re having any issues I’m guessing that will be the likely problem. If you’re getting the “Complete Action Using” dialog it means the app crashed. I see your Arduino problem is once again Bluetooth related. I have the crash report and I see the problem. In fact it’s code that isn’t supposed to be there. I’ll do a quick search through the entire project and hopefully find any referecnes to Bluetooth that need to be fixed.

So as long as your device has an Internet connection I’ll get the report and will fix it ASAP. But if you want to reply here or start a new thread that’s cool too.

As for setting the apps, under Settings click on Appearance, then Home Screen, then Setup Home Screen. You’ll be given a dialog that shows the buttons, from there you can configure them to your liking.