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Yes the intents you need will work. You can customize your volume like you’ve already seen. The new feature adds optional intents to ALL buttons you configure on the home screen. So for example you make an HD Radio button. You set the optional intent for change source to HD Radio. When that button is activated the intent is broadcast. To change the source back to original you have two choices. Both involve a button on the home screen. 1) only change when you want to play internal music but setting the Music button to send the intent. Or 2) have a dedicated button to change the source back to the original input. But in order for that I need a “Blank” button, or a button that doesn’t do anything. It will ONLY do the optional intent.
If you use Pandora, Spotify or some other music player you’ll need to set the intent there too if you want that button to set the source.

Everybody gets a new optional broadcast intent for all buttons on the home screen. No shield required.

Thanks, it’s the people on the forums and such that drive me to keep going forward with it. It has become much more than I ever planned, but I see now that it can be so much more too. I hope to keep going for a long time.