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For those of you who aren’t Jeff, we talked in private to try and fix this.  Turns our there was a loose wire in the HD Radio cable.  Once that was fixed then things (mostly) started working.  At this point in time the shield stuff is still being worked on very aggressively, and that includes the HD Radio.

I spent tonight working on the UI.  I’ve got the sidebar buttons setup to be presets.  Just long click when you’re tuned to the station and it saves it.  Tomorrow I plan on doing what I can to improve the tune/seek feedback.  Currently what’s displayed is fed back from the HD Radio.  So when you’re seeking, the radio sends nothing, so the display doesn’t update.

I also plan on doing what I can to make the Arduino connect more reliably.  One little tip, in the top notification bar (within AutoSense) if you have a rooted device and you click on the work Arduino under the little icon, the USB service will restart and should reconnect the Arduino.