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I’m going to push a new build tonight.

When you open the HD Radio it now does a couple of things.  If the shield isn’t detected OR if the HD Radio is turned off as a capability, the radio fragment won’t open, but you will get a popup message saying the radio wasn’t detected.  If it is detected, it will power cycle when first opened.  You should hear the relay click on and off.

Preset stations.  Tune the radio to your desired station (I haven’t fixed the scanning UI yet.. Go down first, then up or down to your desired station, this will reset the radio to the proper frequency… I don’t know why it does to the even numbers, it shouldn’t).  Once on the station long click one of the 6 side buttons and that station will be saved as a preset.  Clicking the preset however doesn’t work yet.  That’s next.

Just thought I’d share tonights progress.