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Many improvements in tonights build.

  • If you have the radio on it will be remembered next boot.  At first, before the Arduino and shield are recognized it will be internal audio, but when the shield is found it will switch to the radio and the station that was playing.
  • Seeking up and down clears the previous data, and the station text changes (could be better, still playing with it)
  • Signal strength meter (I know it’s not aligned properly… I can’t get it down 🙁 )
  • Volume on boot works much better now, it was hit and miss before and required a restart and crossed fingers
  • Lots of other cleanups too

Still to do:

  • Setup button.  Make it do stuff like volume and treble/bass
  • Add more presets
  • Improve error recovery

You’ll need tonights Arduino firmware too, it includes new features.