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If you have the radio on it will be remembered next boot.  At first, before the Arduino and shield are recognized it will be internal audio, but when the shield is found it will switch to the radio and the station that was playing.

I cycled power on the Arduino/HD Tuner.. it stayed muted once Android Detects it. That said, I had the tuner going and tried launching Google Music, it kept crashing if launched form Autosense, was fine out side of autosense.

Seeking up and down clears the previous data, and the station text changes (could be better, still playing with it)

Nice job, I noticed the FM and strength come together on tune +/- Also the Top tuner info flashed as I pressed the tune +/-. I think there is something funky when you press Seek +/- but cannot confirm

Signal strength meter (I know it’s not aligned properly… I can’t get it down)

Looks good honestly, looks like it disappears if it switches to HD, that is when the station would be Sub -1 and then a tune up should allow Sub -2

Volume on boot works much better now, it was hit and miss before and required a restart and crossed fingers

Seems good

Lots of other cleanups too