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Ok.. Tested tuner with OEM controller.. I get a HD station.. 90.1fm (I get others but due to antenna etc)

anyway, OEM controllers witches to 90.1 HD1 automatically.. I press Seek + , it goes to 90.1 HD2, then Seek + to 90.1 HD3.. from 90.1 HD3 Seek – goes to 90.1 HD2 then 90.1 HD1.

Now I know you have not done HD stuff yet, but when I go Seek + at the 90.1 (Signal strength shows and disappears) it goes to the next station 90.9 or something.  So it seems like you still have some work there.

I like the Radio On and Radio Off and Reset options in set-up, these are nice.

1) I press radio off.. go home, then press HD Radio, tuner does not turn back on ( I think it should), I can go to set-up and manually press  radio on..

2) Press Radio Off, power cycle arduino and Tuner. Autosense detects HW. press HD Radio.. shows Station no audio.. go to setup radio on.. works

3) Reset Radio works

4) Sometimes on power up android does not detect HW, (could be  my USB cables)

5) Sometimes Arduino is detected and HD Tuner is not (could be my Arduino to HD Tuner cable)

6) Volume Works

7) Treble and Bass do something.. just not quite show what they are doing.. (using headphones and hard to detect the swings)

Suggestion (I am sure you are working on it though) when I press seek, display ‘Seek’ somewhere so the user knows it is doing something.