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Excellent info.

What about if you’re on say 90.1 HD2 and you want to go to 91.3?  How do you get there?  Do the seek buttons only go through HD stations.  Or if you hit 90.1 HD3 will seek + go to the next analog station?  It seems like it inject the HD between the analog, but when you hit the end of the HD go to the next analog?

I’ve done nothing with the HD yet, but try and understand how it works elsewhere so I can give the same functionality.

1) good find.  The radio get’s marked as on when first powered up, and I haven’t cleared that.  Will fix.

2) The radio defaults to a volume of 0, so when it’s first powered on a volume level needs to be sent.  I’m still playing with the best spot to send it with the best success rate.  You could also try changing the volume slider, it should turn on when changed.

3) Good

4) That could be a cable issue, or it could be a firmware issue with the Arduino.  I’m trying to improve reliability here with things like auto retry and reset.

5) Sometimes it just takes a sec.  After the initial connection is made the shield identifies itself and that gets pushed up the wire.  If something else is happening that can be delayed.  Again, looking for ways to improve speed and reliability.

6) Good

7) That’s my thoughts too.  Small speakers with little range.

As for the seek, the station number currently changes to all the intermediate stations, at least for me it does, is that not happening on your device?  I may need to play with the frequency or something.  I want to to look like it does with the stock controller.  Say you’re on 90.1 and the next station is 91.3.  It should show 90.3, 90.5, 90.7, 90.9, 91.1, then settle on 91.3.