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Alright guys, I’ve run into an issue.  I’ve upgraded my Android Studio to the latest so I could try out the new Instant Run feature (AWESOME!!!) but it required upgrading everything to version 23, aka Marshmallow.  This completely breaks everything because of the new permission model.  I can’t even launch AutoSense without it crashing.
The way I see it I have three choices.

  1. Downgrade back to 22 and don’t use the new awesome features that make things so much faster and nicer to work with.
  2. Fix the problem with permissions and have Marshmallow compatibility
  3. Ignore the problem and say M devices won’t work

Number 3 is the worst, 1 isn’t my favorite, but 2 takes time.

I know @that_kid is using M, and I said in this thread M is great and fast.  I would like to move to the new permissions, and I guess this may be the kick I need, but it takes my time away from the shield stuff until it’s finished.