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Need some help with the Shield..

my NU3001 stays on with key off. I set it to 30 minutes, I thought it was working, but now I think there is a bigger issue.. I think the Shield and Radio get caught in a shut down loop..

Scenario.. Radio set to 30 minute delay before shutting down android.. Shield set for 30 minutes as well.. got home around 6pm shut car off.. went out.. came home at 8:30, checked car ( sat in the garage the whole time.. Android box was on, Shield was on.. powered up the radio, HDTuner was now in a muted state for sound. set shield for 0 delay, shut off key.. unplugged the arduino and it is still powered.. I am quite sure I have the 12v constant, acc and ground correct. When it works.. it works great. I need to figure out a way to kill power simply ( or not feed back)

I don’t get why with power off, and USB disconnected the Arduino is still powered

my theory is the Android USB powers the Arduino.. after 30 minutes the Ardunio counter starts, and it gets in a funk where the radio will not turn on. Not sure why the HDTuner was muted. yesterday it was fine and did not need a signal booster, today it does.


I am going to set all timeouts to 0 and see what happens.