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New version installed and I see how some of it is laid out..

Now things I noticed (HDTUNER related) I can get it to lock up and do nothing.. key off for a few seconds will not fix it either.

– If I adjust the system volume to 0 (zero) HDTUNER turns off (I hear the click), move volume to 1, it turns on

– If I switch between audio sources on my headunit (Intent code I gave you), The HDTUNER switches off and on. I was testing this with audio Out of the HDTUNER disconnected.

– I do have the headunit controlled by the Remote wire with a 1sec delay and I will go verify I am not dropping power on that line in any of the above situations.

I have to think if the Tuner power cycles too much along with commands being sent to it, maybe it gets lost? The odd thing is the on/off as I move to different sources, but if the Remote line pulses off than will explain it, but I never see the antenna move up and down and honestly it is an instant switch, no 1 sec delay ( due to the module I added)



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