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Fresh boot for Android, Shield and Tuner.. everything works

Key off

key on, Android comes out of Standby, Fresh start for Shield and tuner. Android did not find Shield until I unplugged/plugged Shield, then it found the shield, It thought is found the tuner, but no audio, no able to reset tuner or change stations

Key off

Key On.. Android and Shield both in standby.. Fresh Start Tuner.. Shield detected, No HDTUNER.

Key off.

Key on, fresh start for everything.. all worked.. took time for the HDTuner and shield to be detected though for whatever reason.

Key Off,

Key On, fresh start everything.. worked same as above.. tuner takes time

I will try it again shortly.

I have  some questions..

What is done, when accessory power is removed and the Shield is set for a delay to turn off? meaning, the HDTUNER might be off already, does the DUE still attempt to send commands? maybe it is possible to ‘bypass’ commands if we know the tuner is off, or set a flag stating that the tuner is off and will need to be detected on key on. It is possible that with the shield having delay power off, when I turn the key back on, it thinks the tuner is connected, but since the tuner got turned off, it no longer has the actual connection and it thinks it does?



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