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Two questions, how are you trying to install Autosense?  Are you downloading it on your computer first, then transferring it over, or are you downloading it directly on your Android device?

Do you have adb installed on your computer?

If you do, you could try installing with the terminal.

First, on the device make sure Enable USB Debugging


To enable USB debugging, you need to enable Developer Option first.

To enable “Developer option” go to, Settings, scroll down and tap on About Phone and then tap seven times on the “Build Number”. You should see a “You are now a developer” message on the screen.

Next, go to Settings again, scroll down and tap on Developer Options. Under developer options, tap on USB debugging and enable it.


Once that is done, download the apk to your computer, and from the terminal, type “adb install /path/to/autosenseapp.apk”