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@idorel77 Yes I was able to install Autosense.  I had issues restoring Autosense from my titanium backup but I was able to restore the add data just fine once I install Autosense from the apk.  I updated the su binaries which help fix some of the issues I was having with restoring things from Titanium backup.  So far I’m very impressed with the Odroid’s performance.  A couple things I had to work through

  1. Odroid kept booting with 1080p resolution while connected to the Odroid vu7+ even though I had the resolution set in the boot.ini (resolution – you need a space in front of the setenv dvimode “1024X600p60hz” command.
  2. Was able to browse media on my usb ssd stick but Autosense and other apps wasn’t scanning the media directory. (resolution – install stick mount)

I’ve been looking through the HK forums and I think this will be a very good option going forward.  There are still things I need to work on like adding can bus but someone has socketcan working on the c1 so getting that working on the c2 should be very possible.  I haven’t tried the sata port of the X300 yet but wifi works great along with the optical digital out.  I still have to try my usb gps and see how that works out.  I was able to pair my bluetooth gps but couldn’t get any signals in the basement.

The vu7+ is nice, the backlight is a tad bright but I haven’t tried it in the car to compare it to the Nexus 7.  I was able to modify the vu7+ to control the backlight, now I have to learn some android programming and get all these things integrated.