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I use Autosense every day as it’s my main interface to things.  Mostly just as an app launcher but I have become very used to how I have things setup, part of the ease comes from using Centrafuse for a number of years.  I’m still using the Nexus 7 but I had to roll back to Android 5 so I could get stereo out of my DAC.  I still have the Odroid and I plan on putting that in this summer.  There are a few quirks I have with the table,t, mainly due to the one usb host port.  As far as home automation I was using Vera for about 5 or 6 years but they are really lagging with things and the stability is shaky.  I’ve been wanting to move to a raspberry pi setup for a while.  So I tried OpenHab2 on a pi and it’s been a steep learning curve but i’m getting there.  I move the Openhab2 install from the pi to an Odroid 2 (I have about 10 of these things now) but I’m still looking into Home Assistant.  I have a pi with Home Assistant on it too, but I haven’t did much with it.  Now that I am comfortable with OpenHab2 I’ll see what Home Assistant has to offer as I see a number of things that interest me lately.