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Hmm, losing power.. I think I need a beefier power supply, which I have delayed on ordering, but will do that today. I have been spoiled for the last 6 months as my daily driver has HD Radio ( as well as SXM) so I like that.. I want to use the HD tuner in my other car, The NU3001 has enough ability to do that, I just need to attenuate the HD Radio audio, as it is louder that Android, this way I can level match. I do know that with the AUX input, I don’t believe if I used turn by turn that is will blend with the AUX.

I have an HDtuner app that works well, as has a bunch of presets. the radio on my Joying will lose all presets if I remove power (annoying)

I am working on installing a DSP in my car as well, that has a master volume knob which I will use as well as the android volume, but I need to make a custom mount for it to make me happy.

I seem to recall the backlight adjustment of the NU3001 to suck or be no existent, I don’t even think it has a sensor. IF I can get the HDTuner to work with your app and more power then great!! I also figured out the Intent for the channel to change the audio input..