Gestures and Actions

Gestures and other actions

AutoSense has limited support for gestures.


  • Swipe right to skip to the next song
  • Swipe left to go to the previous song
  • Draw an "M" to mute or unmute
  • Draw a 'P' from the bottom up to play/pause

Media Actions

  • Long press on the "Shuffle" button to shuffle your entire library and start playing. Also works if you long press the "Play/Pause" button
  • Playlists can be rearranged by long click and drag & drop to new location. Songs can be removed by flinging them to the right


  • In the Homescreen editor or Sidebar editors, you can drag & drop your existing icons to new places. You can also delete the icons the same way by dropping to the "Delete bar" that shows up.


  • In the "System Notifications", if you have a rooted device, by clicking on the Arduino icon on the left, it will reset the USB connection if you're having trouble¬†