AutoSense shield for Arduino Due


The official AutoSense shield for the Arduino Due. This shield comes with lots of features and options available.
The base price includes the PCB with the power filtering components, ID/Power control chip and the EEPROM. You need to add the options you want and your board will be built to order.  Every option you choose includes everything needed for that particular function.

If you want to assemble the shield yourself, use coupon code “SELFASSEMBLE” at checkout to save 10%.  You’ll receive all the parts needed to assemble your shield in your selected configuration.  Note that the CANBUS option has 1 surface mount part, everything else is all through hole.  Note however, you will be responsible if anything goes wrong.  We’ll do everything we can to help if you have any problems.  But, if the board needs repairs you will be charged accordingly.

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Product Description

Options include:

  • 10 outputs to control your 12 volt devices like amplifiers or radios.
  • 12 inputs for buttons, switches or digital sensors.  These are protected and will only work with a ground signal.
  • 8 analog inputs.  These could be used for digital as well, but offer nothing in the way of protection.  If hooked up incorrectly you will fry them.
  • 2 hookups for temperature sensors. (DS18B20 based sensors just plug and go)
  • HD Radio compatibility. Includes cable(Again, just plug and go)
  • Audio switching up to 4 sources and volume control.  Note, this is NOT an amplifier.  It is a source selector and volume attenuator, meaning it can lower volume but not increase it.  You will need an amplifier hooked up from the output of the shield.
  • CANBUS hookups.
  • GPS option for devices without GPS built in.  This adds the option for a GPS module with an external antenna.

The shield is as self configuring as possible. You’ll still have to tell it what the inputs and outputs are for, but if you buy the audio options AutoSense will know they’re there because the shield will say so. Same goes for your selected options.

The shield footprint has been designed to plug directly onto an Arduino Due, or UDOO.  The dimensions are 10cm x 15cm (4″x6″).

For support please visit our forums, specifically the AutoSense Shield forum

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 6 x 1 in


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