New Suggestions and Features request

Hey guys

I’ve been working on a new site feature for a little while, and tonight I decided to launch it. Click on suggestions in the top menu bar.  From there you can add new features you’d like to see, bugs you may have found, or vote on other users ideas.  This should help me prioritize where my time is spent.  Feel free to add as many items as you like.  But you can only vote 30 times each month, and only 5 time in each category (so doing some simple math, in actuality you can only vote 15 times right now), so use those votes wisely 😉

Website changes

Today I setup some website performance improvements. Specifically, I setup local caching, which makes a HUGE difference when not logged in. It helps when you are logged in too, just not quite as noticeable. I also setup CloudFlare. This will cache basically all of the website on their servers which are distributed around the world.
Between these two things I’ve noticed a very large speed improvement.
So hopefully nobody notices anything but a faster website 😉

I’ve also changed the theme of the forum.  It fits in with the rest of the website much better now.

New Stable build

I’ve decided to push the latest nightly to the Stable branch.   I see quite a few crashes that have been fixe and people aren’t getting, so this will take care of those.

But the latest version is still missing features of things I’ve been working on, but I feel the crash fixes are more important than 100% feature completeness.

That being said, next time you launch AutoSense you should get the update 😀

New coupon

If you want to assemble your AutoSense shield yourself and save some money, use coupon code “SELFASSEMBLE” at checkout.  10% will be knocked off the price of the shield.  However, if something goes wrong when assembling your shield and it needs repairs, you’ll be charged accordingly.

Also, if you want to purchase a temperature sensor or two, and you’re purchasing a shield at the same time, select “No Connectors” for the sensors.  You’ll get the proper connectors installed because the shield also comes with the connectors.

Spam accounts

So in the last day I’ve had about 50 or so spam accounts created. I’ve gone through and deleted everything that looked like spam and also installed a new, very aggressive, spam blocking plugin. If your account was legit and I deleted it I’m sorry, I tried not to. You should be able to recreate it without issue.

New Nightly build

Just wanted to say a new nightly is being built and uploaded as I type this.
Some new features you’ll find:

  • Beginning of HD Tuner support, although it won’t work without the Arduino firmware and the proper hookup cable, those are coming
  • New Advanced Settings menu.  The only thing at the moment is the ability to supply your own intents for volume control.  This isn’t fully tested and may not work yet.  If you try it, please let me know.
  • The ability to change the “Highlight Color”.  Instead of just having the stock Android blue, I’ve added (the now default) Orange, Red, Blue, Purple and Green.  This changes the sliders, radio buttons, text input, switches, dividers etc.  Not everything has been moved over to use the new color yet, I’m still searching for the stragglers.
  • New App logo
  • Random bug fixed and improvements

If you try the new build please share any problems you find.


New Website

Hey everyone. As you may have noticed I’ve released a new website. It’s got lots of new features which I’ll make use of as things progress. I just wanted to say thanks for being a part of the community here. If you find anything that isn’t working as expected, please let me know.