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That’s a good idea.  Here is what I’ve got so far.

  •  Start with Actions

  • You’ll be given three options, System Buttons, Your Buttons, and Shield Buttons

  • System Buttons will give you a list of all available buttons.  If you configure one of them, say Music, every instance of the Music button will display the configured behaviour (say launch intent)

  • Your Buttons will show buttons you’ve configured.  These are buttons on the home screen and when configured only that single button will display the behaviour

  • Shield Inputs will configure individual inputs to have the same options


That’s what I have so far.

When you select your button, you’ll be shown Action categories (System, Music, Shield Outputs, etc…) and be able to select any number of actions to happen when triggered.

This will allow one button to do many things, such as in launch an app, set output, and change volume all at once.