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I’ve got it actually working now.  Currently there are only 4 things you can do, volume up, down, mute and broadcast intent.

So you can add multiple actions for each button. Go to Settings/IO Config/Actions.  When there, only the first two types work (Global and Individual).  Global will run on every instance of the selected button.  So say you have two music buttons on the home screen, the configured action will run when either of them is pressed.  Individual will only run on the one configured button.

Some actions are mutually exclusive (volume up, down, mute) so if you select one the others will automatically be unselected.  You can however select multiple actions if you want that aren’t exclusive, like sending a broadcast intent and adjusting the volume.

If you configure a global action and and individual action for the same button that are exclusive both will be run.  So you could have one volume up, and the other down, the volume will go up then back down.