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Okay.. my cable issue aside.

when the DUE boots in the loop for the USB, I assume it is looking to see if it is master or slave, depending on the connected USB port right?

What if (assuming a DIO pin is available) you set a pin as input, if High, then Android is host, if Low then Due is host, while still requiring the cables connection as they are, so if the line is low, which is checked on power up only ( or reset button pushed) it ‘sets’ the mode, then the USB confirms it.

I have to imagine the code is complex to determine which USB to use, I have also seen where the USB says the arduino is connected but there is no Data (not Tuner connection and Temp sensors aren’t working) which made me think, what if it was in the loop for USB and stuck there.. that would explain a good USB connection and no response



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