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Hmmmm.  What version of Android is your radio running?  Google play is installed and up to date?  Still haven’t seen a crash report, it’s online too?

As for the Due issue, is the USB female the only port?  Is there a micro USB?  Can you plug the radio into the computer to flash firmware or anything? What model of radio did you buy again, I can look at the user manual to see if I can find anything to help.

For the Newsmy, I think the majority of the inconstancy is the version of Android (I know, a cop-out excuse).  Maybe it’s a shotty cable though?  If the Due isn’t discovered the radio won’t be either, it’s a prerequisite for the radio.  Once the Due is connected though, the radio should work fine.

Did you fix the cable?  Maybe there’s a loose solder connection on the shield?  Any loose connections would cause inconsistent behavour.