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OK.. I got a new Arduino.. I am using my N7 2012 with 5.1.1


-HD Radio, I can launch the app, but it never turns on.. nothing works beyond that

-Connection, with Tablet ON, everything else off, turning power on to arduino/shield/HDTuner, I have press the reset on the Arduino to get it to detect. but it connects every time like that.

– I tested my N7 2013 with 6.0.x andd it had issues connection ( 3 resets to connect) but the radio worked fine with an older version of Autosense,

Suggestion, add an incremental # to the builds, I have a few on my N7 2012 tablet, and having increment builds will be helpful to you if say you build 1.0.1 and it works, then 1.0.2 breaks the HD connection, etc, I can come here and say, X build did this, but it worked in this other #

I think my final solution will be some Android solution like Odroid ( if it works) with the Shield and the HD Tuner. I have a modded Micro to USB A for the Joying, but it does not work..

You are getting there. keep it up