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Hey guys,

So sorry about the lack of anything the last few months.
There always seems to be something else that demands my time. Since I moved, I don’t even have my car to work on, and most of the Autosense stuff is still packed away in boxes.

I really don’t want to let this project die, I just don’t have anything setup and running to keep testing on. I think if I had an Android radio in my Jeep, I’d be more prone to keeping updates happening, but I can’t afford one, just like the time issue, more important things are demanding the money.

I did bring my tablets out the other day, and one of them is broken, and the other one I tried to setup for my home automation setup (I’m using Home Assistant). Even if I did unbox everything, I’ve got no room for it.  I went from a 3 bedroom house, where I had an entire room to my office, to a 1 bedroom basement suite with absolutly no extra room. I was hoping to buy a house this spring, but with the money situation that doesn’t look promising either.

I haven’t forggoten about you guys, and I can see from the daily emails that people are still using Autosense, which is great. I just wish I was one of them 🙁